About Us

Machine imageKanviromental Corp is a Canadian company specializing in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art technical solutions for the environmentally conscious specialty waste industry. While we recognize that in most cases there exists a good business model with scrap metal processing, one of our primary goals is to create a "win-win" by yet adding further value to the revenue streams associated with this type of industry. In almost all cases we guarantee our state of the art "densification" technology will help increase your bottom line. In some extreme cases, the "pickup" or value add per ton can exceed 300%.

Between our more than seventy years combined experience, and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the team at Kanviromental is more than just capable of delivering briquetting solutions via unique, well designed hydraulic machinery. As part of our sales and relationship building process, we are committed to the careful and diligent assessment of our customer needs and assisting in the design and delivery of a comprehensive cost effective business solution that makes solid financial sense.

Although our technology is designed to ensure good economic sense, it also fits our corporate culture that we design equipment that makes great environmental sense as well. Accordingly, we offer very unique solutions designed to mass process paint cans, oil filters, aerosol canisters and their propellant, in addition to other dangerous or hazardous materials. In these cases, our equipment is designed to carefully and effectively separate the contents from its packaging, all the while bringing the contents to its optimal state towards the end goal of ensuring full recyclability for both.

We're also very pleased to announce a new line of equipment designed to briquette fuel for the ever-growing biomass industry. Between our strength and successes as it relates to the manufacture of briquetting systems, and a corporate goal to design "environmentally friendly" business lines, it seemed an obvious and natural fit for Kanviromental Corp. to venture down this unique green path.

To close, it has been proven that briquetting materials using densification processes lead to immediate financial benefits, cash flow, and a very desirable return on investment for those who choose to embrace the technology. Ensure you give yourself the same competitive advantage all our customers enjoy by calling us and asking what we can do for you.