BioKrush™ is the first super high capacity industrial sized biomass briquetter. It converts various bioenergy sources into premium, low carbon, biofuel briquettes. Kanviromental’s Bio-Briks™ are the first to be sized specifically to meet the unique fuel needs of large industrial / commercial furnaces. Bio-Briks™ stabilize your heating costs and offer a reliable, renewable source of heating fuel.

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FilterKrush™ converts hazardous used automotive oil filters into two saleable commodities – used oil that can be sold for re-refining or blending and dense recyclable metal briquettes. FilterKrush allows a 100% diversion of a hazardous waste from our landfills. FilterKrush™ is designed to suit the needs of the large capacity recycler with capacities between 6 and 30 drums of filters per hour.

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HazKrush™ transforms hazardous waste disposal costs into a revenue stream. Hazardous aerosol cans are separated into three value-added recyclable products: dense scrap metal briquettes, high BTU value gases, and liquids. HazKrush™ offers an efficient, high capacity solution for processing large quantities of pressurized containers.

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MetalKrush™ briquetters significantly increase the value of your scrap metal chips and turnings while recovering expensive cutting oils for reuse. Our advanced hydraulic compression technology creates a dense metal briquette which is ideal feedstock for end user smelters. Maximum recovery of the coolant results in reduced operating costs and eliminates potential downstream liability.

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PaintKrush™ converts partially full (or empty) paint cans into a revenue generating commodity. Generally, paint cans represent the single largest component of household hazardous waste. Our technology automatically separates the paint from the container and briquettes the metal components. Paint can be separated by colour and/or type, or efficiently “co-mingled” to result in a basic grey primer that is saleable along with the briquettes.

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WireKrush™ transforms your loose tire wire into a saleable commodity. The WireKrush™ high density briquetter is specifically designed to process large quantities of this “difficult to handle” material. Unparalleled briquette density, integrity, and throughput provides a significant additional revenue stream for your tire recycling operation.

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