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Welcome to Kanviromental Corp! We take pride in the fact that our highly qualified team has been serving the environmental industry for more than 36 years and have excelled in providing elegant solutions for many of our ugly problems within the waste industry.


Our significant experience in countries foreign to the Canadian market have educated us in areas of international safety standards, efficient equipment design, remote diagnostics, and the deployment and installation of world class technology. I also take comfort with the fact that we’re large enough to accommodate any size installation yet small enough to be able to quickly and precisely meet our customer requirements. I can certainly guarantee you that your personal experience with us will result in a win-win solution.


Whether it’s designing large scale systems capable of processing tons of tire wire per hour, implementing dedicated biomass feeding systems, or installing equipment dedicated to the separation, processing and recapture of aerosol gases from their containers, we have the expertise and experience. Most importantly, we understand the industry. While policy driven solutions tend to somewhat fizzle, the economic driven solutions we implement will certainly last.


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Irvon Weber

Chief Technology Officer


“We show people how to do well while they’re doing good”