Full aerosol cans and single use propane cylinders offer unique challenges. Containers under pressure must be handled with care due to the potential for explosion, and landfilling this hazardous waste is also not an acceptable option. On a positive note, recycling equipment is available that involves de-pressurizing aerosol cans one at a time however this is labour intensive and costly. It also exposes workers to harmful chemicals and vents propellant gases and other volatiles into the atmosphere.

Our goal was to create an automatic high-volume, technology-based, safe solution capable of capturing all components for recycling.



HazKrush machineKANVIROMENTAL Corp. has designed a system that offers a 100% recycling solution.

Utilizing patent pending KRUSH™ Technology, hazardous waste is fed into the HazKrush™ where it is processed using extreme pressures. HazKrush™ transforms hazardous waste disposal costs into a revenue stream. Hazardous aerosol cans are separated into three value-added recyclable products:

  1. Propellant which may be reused or incinerated for BTU value
  2. Liquids which can be incinerated for BTU value
  3. Dense metal bricks that can be sold as prime scrap to smelters or foundaries

All HazKrush™ models feature explosion proof processing capability and achieve maximum recovery of metal, liquids and propellant gases. Throughout the system, there are sensors and interlocks to ensure safety and prevent any accidental escape of propellant or liquids and to prevent any potential explosion. A “clean in place” system allows interior machine cleaning at the touch of a button. The metal briquettes pass through a wash system to maximize their scrap value. Recovered gases and liquids are separated and sent to storage tanks.

HazKrush™ offers a safe, efficient, high capacity solution for processing large quantities of hazardous pressurized containers.