Metal parts manufactured for the automotive and aerospace industries result in the creation of a huge waste stream of metal chips and turnings coated with expensive coolant and cutting fluids. Scrap bins full of wet chips are collected by scrap dealers and taken to a central facility for processing prior to being sold to a smelter. The presence of coolant and the low density of the material significantly reduces the value of this scrap.

The potential for environmental liability is a concern due to coolant leaking from the storage bins while at the manufacturing facility and then again during transport to the scrap dealers facility.

Our goal was to find a solution that addresses these environmental concerns.



Kanviromental has developed technology that is designed for use at the point of waste generation - the manufacturing facility. MetalKrush™ is an automatic briquetting system that feeds in wet metal chips, and converts them into dense metal briquettes, all the while automatically recovering the valuable coolant during the process.

MetalKrush is controlled by a PLC and a touch screen. Metal chips are fed into the hopper where they are compacted into dense briquettes. They are then are ejected onto an output chute. Recovered coolant is directed to a fluid recovery tank ready for filtering and re-use within the factory. Processing capacities vary from 800 to 2,200 lbs/hour depending on the unique characteristics of each type of input material.

MetalKrush™ benefits are substantial: (1) significant increase in the value of scrap metal chips, (2) reduced coolant costs and (3) the elimination of potential downstream liability.

Kanviromental offers a number of equipment options including in-feed and out-feed conveyors and a pre-processing material weighing system.