Expired paint containers represent the single largest component of household hazardous waste in North America. Typically, municipalities accept paint cans at their local recycling facilities and occasionally offer special “Haz Waste Days” at which time the general public can drop off hazardous household goods. Certified hazardous waste handling companies are then able to attend to collect and segregate the various wastes and deposit them into sealable containers for shipping to their recycling facilities. These companies charge a premium for collecting and processing paint cans. Mind you, a significant percentage of household paint cans are “hidden” in regular trash and represent a health hazard as they reach landfill areas.

Most paint cans still contain paint, and methods of recovery are often very labour intensive. Typically, a recycling operation opens and inspects each can individually, after which they are sorted into either latex or oil based categories. They are then manually emptied into designated holding containers. A significant amount of liquid residue still remains in the can.



PaintKrush MachinePaintKrush™ is the first high capacity automatic paint can processor. Our technology efficiently separates the paint from the container by compressing the metal components into dense briquettes. Cans are subjected to extreme pressures through the use of Kanviromental’s patent pending Krush™ toggle drive.

It creates 2 revenue generating commodities:

  1. Cans compressed into briquettes are considered premium scrap if they contain less then 3 percent liquid residues and have a density of up to 250 lbs/cu. ft.
  2. A value added co-mingled paint output can be sold as a basic grey primer or optimally, the colours can be separated and diverted to other tanks for purposes of resale.

PaintKrush™ is controlled via a touch screen interface. Operators simply load product and push the start button and PaintKrush™ will cycle until it senses the hopper is empty. A “clean-in-place” system allows the interior of the machine to be efficiently and easily cleaned. This facilitates batch processing of each type of paint. The metal briquettes pass through a wash system to maximize scrap value.