Special Services

Field Service

Kanviromental prides itself in our service capabilities and quick response time. Regular maintenance inspections of our equipment can reduce the chance of critical system failures and minimize costly downtime. Technicians performing maintenance will inspect the total system, review electrical and mechanical components and correct and/or adjust them as required. All service visits will be documented in a service report.

We offer service plans that vary from multi - year Preventative Maintenance Service Packages that can include parts and labour charges to simple annual or semi-annual maintenance check ups. Kanviromental will work with you to create a specialized service plan that best fits your maintenance and support needs. You can create a customized service plan for your company or choose one of our pre-defined service packages. Call us for details.

Our extensive knowledge and experience allows us to service many other types of equipment in a professional and efficient manner. From conveyors to hydraulic presses, our service team would be happy to discuss how we can be of assistance for all of your preventative maintenance needs.

Consulting and Project Management

In many instances, our equipment becomes part of a larger system. We have often been asked to assist in with the integration of our equipment with other machinery. Our expertise allows us to provide a range of services that include everything from consulting to the provision of full scale project management where we design, manufacture and install “turnkey” processing systems.

Our project management template includes the following critical components:

  • Project Feasibility
  • Project Definition
  • Project Plan
  • Project Implementation
  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Support/Maintenance

An effective plan includes defining and confirming project goals and objectives, identifying tasks and how goals will be achieved, quantifying the resources needed, determining budgets and providing timelines for completion. Just as critical is managing the implementation of the project plan, creation of controls to ensure that there is accurate and objective information on performance relative to the plan, and provision of mechanisms to allow recovery actions if necessary.

Operationally, we consider ourselves also very capable of the design, manufacture and installation of any specialty equipment you may require. This extra step sets us apart from what would be expected as part of typical project management and consulting services. We are willing and able to “get our hands dirty”!!