Over the last many years, used tires have begun to create a significant world-wide problem for many countries. As a result better efforts into recycling tires have developed rapidly – the goal of trying to recover as much rubber as possible for purposes of either re-use or recycling. There are also two other byproducts that come as a result of tire recycling - polyester fibre and tire wire. Typically recyclers pay to have fibre disposed of in landfills. Handling and sale of tire wire also represents a significant problem as it is contaminated with different percentages of fibre and rubber, and has itself a very low density. As such, recyclers receive little or no money for their wire.



WireKrush machineWireKrush™ transforms your loose tire wire into a saleable commodity. The WireKrush™ high density briquetter is specifically designed to process large quantities of this “difficult to handle” material. Unparalleled briquette density, integrity, and throughput can provide a significant additional revenue for your tire recycling operation.

WireKrush™ utilizes Kanviromental’s Patent Pending toggle drive to produce briquettes with the highest density in the industry. This translates into a significant increase in your tire wire value. Kanviromental has addressed the extremely abrasive nature of this waste by using the most wear-resistant steel alloy available for all high wear tool surfaces.

WireKrush™ comes in a variety of models with capacities between 1 and 8 tons per hour.

Kanviromental offers a number of equipment options including in-feed and out-feed conveyors and a pre-processing material weighing system.